Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Victoria Beckham Wears Flip-flops

Victoria Beckham leaving Wembley with the kids

I found this little article about Victoria Beckham's recent
style shocker on Shine.

We actually gasped when we saw this picture of Victoria "Posh" Beckham in baggy jeans and flip flops, and wondered what on earth was wrong, and where was she going dressed like that. You see, it's not that we don't run to the supermarket in our sweatpants from time to time, it's just that we've never seen Beckham in pants that weren't skin tight or heels that were under four inches high.

The 34-year-old mother of three has worn stilettos to amusement parks, malls, children's birthday parties and even wore high-heeled sneakers to to throw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game. It turns out the dressed-down picture on the right was taken on a recent trip to London's Wembley Stadium. (Note: She is still carrying an ultra expensive Hermes Birkin bag! Whew!)

"I just can't concentrate in flats," Posh has told the Britain's GMTV. "I'd love to go to the gym," she added, "but I can't get my head around the footwear." Her friend Heidi Klum even laughed about Beckham's high-heel addiction to Harper's Bazaar, saying, "What might feel like a nine-inch heel to most people is like a flip-flop to her."

Is Beckham allowed to wear flip-flops? Of course she is! We're just surprised to see it. Now working from home, my style has become infinitely more casual than it used to be, mostly out of laziness, so my friends are often caught off guard when I dress up to go out in heels and a really fancy dress.

Do you have a strict fashion image you project like Victoria Beckham, or does your style change from day to day?


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-lifes too short to have one style, its great to chop and change!!

Couture Carrie said...

Total shocker! Thanks for pointing this one out - she is human after all!!

Great Q about style - mine definitely changes from day to day, depending on my mood and the occasion for which I am dressing...


speel00 said...

I know when she wrote her book she said she always wore high heels no matter what, but I guess as she realized that is not likely. But at least she chose flip-flops!

La Couturier said...

My style changes based upon my mood (or what music I'm listening to)! Usually there is some sort of similarity that shows my "signature" style, but it does change =]

La C.