Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Blast From The Past

I love, love, love music! And so given that I was a child of the 80's!
I collected cassette tapes(remember those?). And while I can't fathom
going back to cassettes anytime soon, I am excited that Hard Candy has Mix Tapes. They look like tiny tapes, but these makeup kits contain all your favorite Hard Candy essentials. There is three different "mixes", so collect them all!

Breakup Mix
Feeling blue or were you just dumped? Either way these beautiful
colors will definitely brighten up your day. It comes with blue,
purple, and warm iridescent shadows;and warm glosses in pink,
wine and neutral.

Party Mix
Its a party! Well not really, but these colors are just as
fun. It comes with two green eyeshadows in rich green and
a light green;beige eyeshadows and three reddish glosses.

Workout Mix
I really don't know why they named this Workout mix, I
thought workouts were supposed to make you glow? Anyways
these neutral brown shadows and cooler neutral shades of
lip glosses will work as a substitute well for a fresh


artfulfrog said...

Yes, I believe most people remember tapes. But the make-up is cute!

btw-stop raving about the 80s.