Thursday, September 25, 2008

Foundation Alternatives

Not everyone likes or wears foundation. And there are plenty
of us who wear it even though we don't want to. Rest assure,
here are a few of my favorite alternatives. You don't need
foundation if you know what other products to use

Smashbox has long ago created their famous Photo Finish Primer.
Its not only a base for foundation, choose the right formula
and you won't even need foundation. It fills in fine lines
and rights every wrong the mother nature endowed on you.
There are different formulas including clear and
bronzing formulas.

Another good alternative is the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening
Set. You've got a highlighter to accent your best features and
loose powder to conceal all flaws. This is good for those who
don't like to cake on makeup.

Products are available at Bliss and Sephora.


artfulfrog said...

Thanks for the info. I know that I hate foundation.