Friday, September 12, 2008

September's Online Reads

Every single month I post up links to the most informative reads
in the realm of beauty and style.

Allure Magazine's Confessions
of the Beauty Editors

Why they won't go anywhere without sunscreen and cheat nature
to look good.

Everyting You Want To Know
About Fashion Week

The designers collections, the hottest parties and so much

The Latest Trend:Models Eating Real Food
Hair...check. Clothes...check. Makeup...check. Food...check..what?!

The Only Guide To Hairstyles You'll Need
And best of all there is something for everyone.

Anna Sui Celebrates 10 Years
Whats new from her 10 year anniversary makeup line?

The Secret to Saving Dough
When Shopping

A really great and easy idea.


artfulfrog said...

Well much to the dismay of Allure editors, you cannot cheat nature.