Sunday, September 7, 2008

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What could be a more luscious color for fall than purple?
It could not be any more luxe either. A bold color for
fall could be the biggest way to brighten up any cold
winter day. Some people might actually be a little
intimidated and not know what to do, but today's
guide will show you not only wearable purple
trends, but ideas you could use. So lets
get started.

The Best Ways To Wear Anything Purple-
The easiest way to make purple look sophisticated
is to add something black. Examples include wearing
a purple dress and black stockings, or a purple
blouse with a black skirt or pants.

If you're wearing a purple ruffled dress(two trends
in one), then go easy on everything else. Stick to
neutrals and simple jewelry. But yes, you can keep
those heels!

Wear one bold color at a time. Purple will not
look good with something red or gold(unless its
gold jewlery). And that includes shoes and bags.

The best items to get if you can only get a few
are a purple sweater or blouse,dress and a purple
accessory like a bag.

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artfulfrog said...

I love clothes that are purple! Their so hard to come by.