Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nourish Your Hair

Here is a state-of-the art line of organic hair products that
was created by Philip Pelusi, who is a well known hair
stylist and creater of innovative beauty products.

His newest venture is Tela Beauty Organics. There are a
variety of shampoos, conditoners, and other styling
products for every single hair type. And they all
contain the Tela Organic Core Blend that is made
up of 35 naturally organic ingredients.

Harmony-Restoration fo Aging Hair
Made with Pomegranate, Reishi Mushroom, and Sea Buckthorn Berry.
Harmony protects your hair through the aging process from the sun,
and free radicals that damage your hair from scalp to tip. It also
strengthen hair and is safe to use on dyed hair.

Color Atura-Color Enhancement for Chemically Treated

This not only freshens up your color, it protects your
hair from potential damage, as your colored hair is more
prone to chemical or enviromental reactions. Its made
with Milk Thistle, Chinese Foxglove, Wolfberry and
Reishi Mushroom.

Measure-For Stronger and Healthier Hair
To keep your hair healthy, this formula contains Horsetail,
Sprouted Soy, Red Sage, and Reishi Mushroom. It strengthens
your hair's natural structure all while promoting natural
hair growth.

Melody-Hydration for Dry and Curly Hair
If your hair is curly or even chemically treated,chances are
hair is dry. To revive and correct your hair's will to be
unruly, this contains Solomon's Seal, Plaintain, and
Marshmallow Root. It leaves your hair soft and clean
as well as hydrated.

Tela Beauty Organics includes shampoos and conditioners for
aging hair(Harmony line), colored hair(Color Atura), longer
and stronger hair(Measure line), and dry and curly hair
(Melody). Each of these lines contain special formulas
that are crucial to hair repair and care.

Now they have four styling products,Healer(which repairs
your hair that was damaged from themal stylin and hair
dryers), Guardian(sun protection for hair with SPF 18),
Composer(manages curly locks) and Encore(helps achieve
the sleek look).

Out of all these products, Healer is the only all 100%
Organic USDA Certified. Still, all these products are
good for your hair and with the natural nourishment
you get from using these products, you hair will
thank you.

Tela Beauty Organics
Beauty Sak


artfulfrog said...

Is that the $50.00 dollar stuff you was telling me about?