Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Tanning Products

Even with fall approaching,its never too late to work on
a perfect tan. Here a 2 new products that will help you
achieve that.

Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Kit for Face
If you know and love Mystic Tan(but even if you don't)
this is the kit for you. It comes with three products
and a bag. All their products are made with naturally
derived tanning chemical agents.

Sunless Condtioning Complex Face- This is made with a
pH balancing system that helps work as a primer for
the tan.

Sunless Tanning Spray Face + Body- This can work for
an even all-over glow. Believe it or not, spray this
on and don't even rub it in. The bottle was specially
designed for an even spray.

Shimmer Face- Its a shimmer cream that will highlight
and compliment your glow.

Tarte Glam Gams Bronzing Stick
Just because you still wear mini-skirts in the fall
does not mean you have to wear tights. Don't cover
your pasty legs, this easy bronze stick gives you
a glowing color to your gams. Its looks natural
smell lovely and contains natural ingredients!
Heck you can even use this on your arms......


artfulfrog said...

Whats wrong with being pale?