Friday, July 25, 2008

Punk singer Avril Lavigne has several albums,she's
married to cutie Deryk Whibley(from Sum 41),and now
she's a fashion designer. She teamed up with Kohl's to sell
her new punk inspired fashion line,Abbey Dawn.

Even if you're no longer in high school,you
still will want to check out some of her
stylish designs(like her pleated plaid mini
skirt,and pink leopard tank),which will bring
you back to the 80's punk,new wave heyday.

Perfect for layering,perfect for casual days and nights
in the autumn. Here's a few of my favorite pieces,you
can find more at Kohl's.

I love anything leopard print,and tanks are a
fashion staple.

It looks a bit vintage,and its just plain cute!

This will carry you into the winter(along with leg warmers
or tights)

Even if they are fitted,they scream punk rocker.
I love that! Plus plaid is a fall necessity.

Hoodies are warm and comfortable,but you need a stylish
hoodie. This is your answer.

What are some of your favorite fall lines?


CoutureCarrie said...

This collection looks cute! I love Avril... I even dyed a punky pink stripe in my hair last year. Btw, I am a blonde too so I totally understand your hesitation to wear yellow. I avoid pale tones, but I think mustardy or yellow-orange totally works!
My fave fall collections are D&G, Carolina Herrera and Gucci!


artfulfrog said...

I love this collection(you know I am mad about plaid). I like the fact that it is basic and simple, yet stylish and flirty(omg, i am talking like a fashionista?).

I like punk rock style.

Artful Frog

shopinchic said...

Thanks for the advice!

Artful Frog-
You are a fashionista!