Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Simple Makeup For Fall

Stila's new line of makeup for this fall is so simple.

Their limited edition Chocolate Pallate set contains three luscious eye shadows and a peachy keen blush. The three powder blushes come in three different shades that you can mix and match for whatever effect you're going for:a rich brown,a warm shade of tan,and cream. Its all in a brown faux suede clutch,and its all wrapped up with a leather strap necklace with a pink agate stone.

And,if thats not enough,you also get a major lash mascara and a grapefruit lip glaze! Its all in the set!So simple! Fall makeup will never be the same. Or more
simple than this.


Grayburn said...

They look like such great neutrals to have. Thanks for sharing this with us!

I'm feeling somewhat better now since I've been sleeping for almost 2 days straight hehe.

take care,

artfulfrog said...

I not big on neutrals, I like a bit of color. Not too much(or you look like a drag queen) but not too little either.

shopinchic said...

I don't know what I love best,the makeup or the necklace.

Rashmi Naik said...
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Rashmi Naik said...

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