Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shop In Chic's July Must Haves

What does Shop In Chic love this month? A lot of great
stuff for the summer. It doesn't matter how you spend
your summer-whether you're planning a cookout party,
taking the kids to a local amusement park or even
nothing at all-things items will make your summer
even better!

Glad Rags Lounge Pants
-Available at Anthropologie

These pants may look dressy with a polka dot waistband
and a bow,but they are lounge pants.So if you have
unexpected visitors,or make an unexpected errand,you
won't have to change your pants. They are the best of
both,stylish and comfortable! Perfect for summer
weekends. They also come in brown.

Coach Bleecker Signature Denim Satchel

-Available at Nordstrom

One of my favorite Coach Bleecker bags is the new
Coach Bleecker Signature Denim Satchel. Its small
but its oh so stylish with denim,blue crinkle leather
trim,and brass accents. Its one of the hottest bags
you could have this summer. Best of all,it will carry
you throughout this upcoming fall.

Fresh Rice Sake Bath
-Available at

Sake is a beauty secret used by Geishas. It detoxifies,
smooths and warms. This magic formula includes 50% real
sake,pomegranate,pine and valerian extracts. It also
includes sesame and grapefruit oils.

Davies Gate Pink Grapefruit Bath Soak
-Available at Bath and Body Works

Davies Gate makes the best bath products and this is
no exception. Its Pink Grapefruit Powder Sugar Bath
Soak,enriched with vitamin E,aloe vera,and comfrey.
Forget the pool,you will want to stay in the tub.
And its all in a uber-cute mini tin.

Havaianas Flip Flops
-Available at Kitson

And if you do go swimming you'll want the hot flip
flops. Havaianas come in the coolest colors,and are
a wardrobe staple. Even celebrities love them! Check
out Kitson for even more of these shoes.

Clinique The Kissers
-Available at Clinique

Lipgloss is a beauty staple. Its good to have around
the house,in you bag and where ever you are. Clinique
made a kit with four tasty Superbalm Moisturizing
Glosses that come in a stylish pouch. Included in
this kit are Apricot,Raspberry,Lilac and Grapefruit
flavored lip glosses.

What are some of your favorite must have items?


artfulfrog said...

The bag makes me think of grunge!

shopinchic said...

Its a denim bag.