Tuesday, July 29, 2008

These actually came out last year,I think,but I am still
loving these!

Sula's awesome line of fragrances is a perfume collectors dream!
Last year,Suzanna Lang came up with six special fragrances that
you can collect,layer and just enjoy wearing. The six different
fragrances are different enough from each other,so there is
something for everyone,like a floral,oriental and such.

And the bottles are beautiful enough to save,even after you use
up the perfume. The minimalist designs are reminscent of delicate

Butterfly Kiss is a fun,feminine floral scent made
with freesia,heliotrope and jasmine.

Stiletto Musk is a sizzling,daring oriental fragance
with amber,musk and dusky florals.

Vanilla Blossom adds a sensual spin to a vanilla
fragrance by adding tonka bean and cherry blossom.

Lily Lotus contains a peaceful aroma of water
lily,lotus,freesia and even a teeny bit of mint.

Sun-Kissed Citrus is so fresh and fruity.
This fragrance contains tangerine,lemon,orange,
grapefruit and bergamot.

Champagne Sugar, a delcious combination of
champagne,sugar,ginger and candied fruit.

You can buy all six of these at Ulta.
You can also buy duo sets,like Supermodel(which is
2 smaller bottles of Vanilla Blossom and Stiletto
Musk),which you can wear separatly or blend both
parfums together.

My take? I love the fact that these scents are
blendable. I say collect all six if you can.


artfulfrog said...

Weird names for serious perfume?!

shopinchic said...

I like the names.

Daffernia said...

I would like to have all those six perfumes in my collection.

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