Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Protect Your Tresses From Mr. Sun

Believe it or not, your hair can get damaged by
the sun's UV rays. And Kerastase's Soleil line
will protect,enhance and make you love your hair
again! Plus they smell great(all Kerastase hair
products do). Their line has three products that
protect,three products that repair and one product
that enhances as it protects. And you don't have
to use all seven products,just use something that
protects,repairs and enhances.


Gelee Aqua Proof-This is like a suncreen
for your hair,just apply this gel to your hair
before you go out into the sun. It contains a
UV filter. You can also use this before you
go swimming,as it protects from cholorine and

Micro-Voile Protector-You spray this on
for a pretty silky shine, enhances color radiances,
and fights frizz and humidity. Spray this on
your hair before you go out there in the sun
for UV protection.

Creme UV Defense Active-Like the gelee,
this creme offers double protection from the
sun and water. It also smoothes strands and
maintains your color.


Bain Apres Soliel-This shampoo gently
cleanses your hair, all the while it repairs,
protects color and even detangles. It contains
Photo-Defense filters,skin smoothing polymers
and a gentle cleansing base.

Creme Richesse-This conditioner repairs
the dryness that is often caused by sun damage.
You'll want to use this out of the shower,once
your hair is towel dried. It contains ceramide
and vitamins.

Masque UV Denfense Active-Not a conditoner,
this is a masque you put on your hair after severe
sun exposure. Apply it to clean,towel dried hair
and leave it on for about five minutes before you
wash your hair. It leaves your hair silky smooth.


Serum Apres Soleil-This serum provides shine
while protecting and healing sun damaged hair. Use
this daily on damp or dry hair for a finished shine.


Grayburn said...

I love Kerastase because they smell so good! I'm just wondering what type of hair you have because I'm thinking whether this particular one is good for my coarse wavy hair?

I don't think the H&M palettes are available in the US. But I'm guessing that will change shortly in the future.

x Grayburn

CoutureCarrie said...

Great suggestions! Bumble hair bandana is also good.

artfulfrog said...

I never heard of Kerastase before.

shopinchic said...

I have thick,sorta wavy
hair. But the funny
thing is,my hair is
not coarse,its uber
fine,which only
makes it harder
to use stuff
on my hair!

I've heard of Bumble
and Bumble,have yet
to try them

Artful Frog-
You should try it!

Grayburn said...

Thanks! I'll go have a look at this stuff :)

x Grayburn