Monday, July 7, 2008

Need An Extension?

For those of us who want long hair now,Hair U Wear's
Put On Extentions(POP)
make it easy. You can choose
from mini clip extensions,human hair extensions,vibralite
extensions,wrap extensions,and pony extenions. They're easy
to put on, maintain, and the price is much more reasonable
than going to a salon. Another bonus? You can have a different
hair style everyday.

Human Hair Extentions
These clip-ons are made with 100% fine human hair. You can
add volume,texture and length all in one with these fine
Vibralite Extensions
These extentions are made of Vibralite synthetic hair.
Mini Clips Extensions
Thinner strips of synthetic hair that will make it easy
to add color or volume to to hair without overwheming.
Great for begginers.
Put On Wraps
The most easy and simplest way to go,just wrap a faux
bun or chignon around your real hair.
Put On Ponys
Similar to Put On Wraps,these are long,layered and
luxurious faux ponytails.

All of these extentions come in a variety of colors
and styles(including curly). Its a fun way to change
up your look,and you don't have to commit to a style
you don't like(love!). Don't forget to check out the
website for the nearest retailer that sells Hair U
Wear POP.

P.S.-Coming Soon,Hair U Wear will release their
professional hair care products that you can
use of human hair,wigs,and synthetic extensions.
They are also safe for the enviroment and don't
test on animals. The line include Wash & Wear
Shampoo,All Day Softness Leave In Condtioner &
Detangler,Soft & Supple Human Hair Conditioner,
Shaping Spray Holding Mist,and Curl Up Curl
Enhancing Spray.


artfulfrog said...

That takes the fun out of dying,cutting and styling your hair.

And lets be honest, fake hair don't feel the same and having somebody elses human hair than your own is just plain creepy.

shopinchic said...

But it makes changing your look so easy! Plus,like I said,you can try
different looks without commitment!