Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Revolving Closet

This is a brand new boutique in Grapevine,Texas(which
is near Dallas-aka Fashion Capitol of Texas) Its a hot
resale boutique that sells vintage and used designer
apparel such as Chanel and Armani. Its owned by Beth
Whitman(same owner of B. Whitman Shoes).
120 South Main Street,Suite 10


This boutique is actually part of a franchise,with
other Hemlines(no pun inteneded) located in Lousiana,
Missouri,Tennessee and now Texas. Luckily they still
keep it all in the family,all the chains are owned
by former employees of the first flagship boutique.
Mixed with fresh indie labels,they also stock up on
Nicole Miller,Free People,LaRok LA Made and Hudson.
4439 Lovers Lane

V Vintage Jewlery

If you are in desperate need(or just need an excuse
to shop)of beautiful jewlery or accessories,then you
should visit this shop. Located in Beverly Hills,this
hip new boutique is packed with glamorous vintage
jewelry,belts and handbags by fantastic designers
like Christina Lacroix,Givenchy,Fendi,Judith Leiber
and much more.
427 North Canon Drive Suite 216
Beverly Hills,CA

Any other newly opened boutiques you'd like us to know about?


artfulfrog said...

I miss dallas :(

The Truth said...

I love all these retro and boutiques shops !Im really into collecting vintage sunglasses.