Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your Skin Will Thank You

Sometimes your skin 'freaks out'. Despite your best
efforts,even if you have a regular skincare routine
your skin does not look its best,particularly from
stress. It can become dry, aged, breakout prone,
and you know is that its so not normal. You can't
deal with the stress,or the affects,so what can you
do? Skyn Iceland has the solution.

Skyn Iceland creates designs all of their beauty
products to help heal stressed skin. Their products
contain a biospheric complex which contains the
natural elements of earth,air and water,all from

A good way to get aqauinted?

Skyn Iceland Detox Kit for Stressed Skin contains
four products that purify and correct whatever skin
issues you have. Glacial Face Wash,Artic
Face Mist
,The Antedote Quenching Daily Lotion,
and Oxygen Infusion Night Cream. These are all
travel sized products in a pretty blue travel bag.

First off,ditch your current skincare routine for
these products for five days. Like any detox,you have
to stop what you are doing and change the routine.
After the five days are up,you can co ahead with your
usual routine.

Glacial Face Wash-Just add a little water,rub
into a good lather and rub on your face,then rinse
off. This miracle face wash actually contains actual
glacial Icelandic water and minerals.

Artic Face Mist-Containing mineral water and
nutrients,it enhances your skin's natural balance.
Just spray this cool mist on your face when your
skin feels irritated or overheated.

The Antedote Quenching Daily Lotion-This is your
day lotion. Made with Icelandic kelp and yeast extract,
this leaves skin not only smooth,but healthy,too. You
will feel more refreshed.

Oxygen Infusion Night Cream-More than just a
moisturizer,this contains micro-encapsulated oxygen,
this promotes energy give a natural glowing complexion.
Its also very refreshing.

Check out their website for even more wonderful products.


artfulfrog said...

My skin needs all the help it can get!

shopinchic said...

Check out there website for more great products that you can use
for a regular routine