Wednesday, February 4, 2009

By Design Genius

Eyes By Design Retouching Cream really is a primer for eye
makeup, but it works a lot like a concealer. It instantly
hides wrinkles, lines, and everything else you want hidden.
It also hides under-eye circles(which is why I use it mostly),
not to say I don't have a few early lines that I need covered.
But we won't get into that right now!

When I first used the product I must admit I wondered.....I
wondered how to use the applicator! According to the box you
are supposed to click the bottom of the pen(at least five
times for the first use), but it took more than that. When
I finally started getting the white cream to come out of
the applicator I gently dabbed it over my dark under-eye
circles and blended it in. Instant coverage, instant
brightener! I noticed they say to gently dab it under
your eyes but I actually blended it in just like I
do with concealer. It works for me.

Buy Eyes By Design Retouching Cream at Home Shopping
for $29.95


artfulfrog said...

Sounds great, i wonder if it works on all lines?