Thursday, February 26, 2009

Find Your Fragrance

I love perfume. I am always discovering scents and
fragrances that I love: old and new, classic and
fun, I wear it all. I really don't think that I
have a favorite(but if I did it would have to be
natural scents(like citrus fruit and ocean notes).
Dependng on my mood, I love floral girly scents,
sexy oriental fragrances, and earthy woods-inspired
perfumes too. No matter your preference or mood,
there is a fragrance you'll love. I'll list the
four types and give four recommendations to your
personality. Read on!

Floral Fragrances
Floral fragrances often include notes of peony,
jasmine, and gardenia. But many fragrances also add
oriental notes(like amber and musk) or fresh notes
(like citrus fruit). Some fragrances are innocent
or sexy but either way floral inspired fragrances
are undeniably feminine.

Classic- Vera Wang Bouquet
New- Vera Wang Look
Edgy- Valentino's Rock 'N Rose
Romantic- Escada Moon Sparkle

Oriental Fragrances
Warm and musky, oriental fragrances are bold and
sensual. Oriental perfumes and scents often combine
woodsy and floral notes with spice and vanilla to
give it a rich scent perfect for date nights.

Classic- Guerlain Shalimar
New- L'Occitane Honey & Lemon Eau de Toilette
Exotic- Nanette Lepore Shanghai Butterfly
Romantic- Ralph Lauren Hot

Fresh Fragrances
One with nature, fresh fragrances include notes
of fruity, green, or fresh water. These scents
are always light and effervescent, perfect for
those who don't like an overwhelming fragrance.
Classic- DKNY Be Delicious
New- Lily Pulitzer Squeeze
Beachy- Pucci Acqua 330
Romantic- Carol's Daughter Jamaican Punch Eau de Toilette

Woodsy Fragrances
Woodsy and spicy notes were traditionally only found in men's
fragrances, but today's woman enjoys the boldness that only
a woodsy fragrance can give. In fact, a lot of women's scents
now have woodsy notes such as sandalwood and patchouli.
Classic- Thierry Mugler Angel
New- Calvin Klein Euphoria Spring Temptation
Sophisticated- YSL Elle Yves Saint Laurent
Romantic- Lolita Lempicka

All of these perfumes are available at Sephora and House of Fraser.


Marian said...

Love perfumes and wear them to suit my mood. i find that i love ones with iris,orchid,patchouli,jasmine etc
muah x

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-My fave is Christian Diors Escale a Portofino, so citrusy and lemony, its delicious!!

artfulfrog said...

I love Lady Stetson, but I do like most perfumes.

Couture Carrie said...

Excellent post!
Gotta try Valentino!


La Couturier said...

I absolutely adore perfumes - from its scent to the gorgeous bottles!

La C.