Sunday, February 15, 2009

Economically Stylish- Spa Party

What: Why not take a Friday or Saturday night
off and pamper yourself? And why not invite your pals
over , because a beauty party is not as nearly as fun
without friends.

Plan: Make a list of your friends that you want
to invite and send out the invitations at least a week
or two in advance. Check out Evite.

Décor: Fix up separate areas of your home for
certain beauty activities: like facials in the kitchen,
makeup in the living room, and manicures/pedicures in
the dining room. Designate certain spots so it seems
like a real spa/ or salon.

Food/Drink: Since it’s a spa theme, you might
want to stick with healthy food. Ideas include wrap
sandwiches, tasty smoothies, crudités, popcorn, pita
chips and guacamole(or salsa). You could also try the
indulgent route and serve candy. A clever idea? Serve
elegantly wrapped candies(or heck my fave Hershey
Miniatures) in glass bowls, so your guests can serve

Spa Treats: Stop by your local beauty or drugstore
and stock up on facials, makeup, perfume, nail polish and
more. Or, you can buy a few items, and ask each of your
friends to buy some extra items. That way everyone spends
a little, and its not all on you. You can even stock up
on gift bags and stuff them with fun little beauty products
and give them to each guest as a farewell gift(kind of like
the swag bags celebrities get.

Another thrifty idea is to even make some of your own beauty
products either before or during the party. But remember to
test out the recipes before you even make them to see if they
really work as well as they should. Its also a good idea to
test them out for allergy purposes. But if you(or any of your
friends) have any food allergy of an sorts, it might be best
to skip this idea. If you decide to go the do-it-yourself
route, read up on it. All books are available at Amazon.

Creative Spa: Make Your Own Skincare Products by Cheryl
Coutts and Ava Warren

Natural Beauty At Home by Janice Cox

Beauty By Nature by Brigette Mars

Crabtree & Evelyn USA
Crabtree & Evelyn UK

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Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-fabulous idea and very thrifty too!

Couture Carrie said...

Love the spa party idea!


artfulfrog said...

Every women needs to do that!

La Couturier said...

this sounds so fun!

La C.

Marian said...

Ok this is the best blogread i have had today! gosh girl you had me missin my closest friends and wishing i could conjure them all from all the varying ends of the earth to my own very spa party as inspired by you :o)
fab post and great nifty tips!
muah x

Grayburn said...

What great ideas! I'm in need of some pampering and think will gather my mom and treat ourselves! Thanks very much for sharing this!

xo Grayburn