Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Minerals Please

I'm always ready to try any cosmetic out there. And on my
quest to search for the best, I stumble across favorites.
And while I am willing to try virtually any foundation,
I am partial to mineral formulas. Its healthier for my
skin(or so I'm told), plus it really does look better.
I don't look like(or feel like) I have caked-on makeup.
Plus if I'm using mineral foundation in a powder form,
I'm probably going to skip pressed powder, which is
just one less layer of makeup!

The day I stop writing about cosmetics is the day I
will wear mineral makeup exclusively. Until then I
am going to try as many products I can.

Now back to mineral makeup. Rimmel London's Lasting
Finish Mineral Powder Foundation
looks and feels like
your typical mineral foundation. But it lasts a lot
longer, 12 hours to be exact. Plus its got a cute and
easy to use applicator that minimizes the mess of using
a mineral makeup. It comes in five shades(see below).

Buy Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Mineral Powder
Foundation at Walgreens for $8.29

Buy Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Mineral Powder
Foundation at Pharmacy Fix for £5.49

As you can tell, the products are the same with only a few
slight differences which are mostly in the packaging. The
shades are the same except for one(Sand is sold in the
US, and True Nude is sold in the UK).


Fabuless Beauty said...

I'm a fan of mineral makeup. However, I find myself liking online companies than the ones sold in store.

artfulfrog said...

Mineral makeup is nicer.