Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Style-The Good and The Bad

The Grammy Awards is not usually known for the show-stopping
glamour seen usually at the Oscars, but they do carry their
own style. And I must personally say that even I was impressed
by many of the style choices worn by certain celebrities(love
Kate Beckinsale's dress). But of course not all celebrities
really cared about what they wore(example Paris Hilton).

The Good

51st Annual Grammy Awards - Red Carpet

Kate Beckinsale's dress was the most flattering. It's a
simple black floor length gown that is simple and sleek
with enough flair.

51st Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals

Jordin Sparks is glowing in her custom design by Debra Davenport.

51st Annual Grammy Awards - Show

Whitney Houston is not only starting to look more healthy,
but she seems happy too.

51st Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals

I'll give it to Miley Cyrus, judging by last year's red gown
at the 2008 Oscars, and this year's Grammy Awards, she is not
afraid to try a little sophistication.

The Bad

51st Annual Grammy Awards - Red Carpet

Paris Hilton clearly cares more about being seen than
dressing well.

51st Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles

Sun appears to wear what looks more like a Halloween costume
of some sort. Ick!

51st Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals

I don't really care for Taylor Swift's too plunging dress. It
seems to me as if someone always wears a dress similar to this
each year.

51st Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals

Jennifer Hudson can sure sing, but she doesn't always hit
the right style notes.


artfulfrog said...

I like Kate's dress the best, the others are not up to par!

Couture Carrie said...

Whitney looked amazing! And I agree with all of your evaluations except. . . I kinda like Paris's dress!


La Couturier said...

i agree with your commentaries =]

La C.

Grayburn said...


x Grayburn

shopinchic said...

Artful Frog- I think Kate's dress is the most tasteful.

Couture Carrie- I really hope that Whitney continues to keep her life on track.

La Couturier- Thanks!

Grayburn- Isn't it sad that Paris is filthy rich and yet it seems as if she never invests in classic outfits?