Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Let It Rain On Your Style

You know the saying that goes April showers bring May flowers?
Survive spring rain in style with Plueys- a fashionable indy
label of rain footwear. Plueys takes inspiration from all over
the globe when it comes to designing their puddle stompers
including Paris, Tokyo, and even Palm Beach.

Plueys are stylish enough to wear just about anywhere, plus
they're made with treaded soles and natural rubber for total
comfort. They come in great colors, cute prints, and each shoe
has a clever name. Look below for a few of my favorite styles.

Catstooth- Clever take on tradtional houndstooth
Tokyo Rain- I love the colorful raindrops
Oooh La Lace- Adds a touch of glamour

As I've said before this is an independent label which means
you can find them at select boutiques in the US, UK, Singapore,
Hong Kong, and Canada. You can also buy them at Amazon!

For a complete list of where to buy check out Plueys



artfulfrog said...

Um, I am not big on shoes like that!

Elle said...

I absolutely LOVE these boots! I have been looking for some cute rainboots- its been pouring here as well! Thinking by the time I get them, no more rain... but eh.. April always brings a few showers! Thanks *off to buy rainboots*

Fabuless Beauty said...

Those rain boots are cute! Unfortunately, it doesn't rain much where I'm at.