Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ask Shop In Chic

I am a big researcher on anything beauty,and I have also learned
about beauty no-nos just by experiencing them. So who is better
suited for starting Ask Shop In Chic? I am starting a weekly advice
column on this blog,sharing my knowledge with everyone.

The Rules
If you got a question send an e-mail to

It can be about makeup,hair,nails,anything in the beauty
realm. Please leave your name or alias when you send an e-mail.

Depending on how many questions I get I will try and answer
every question I can. If I don't answer yours don't take it
personally,it was because there were too many and I could not
answer each and every single one.

I will officially start my Q and A next Wednesday.

Start sending!

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artfulfrog said...

what fun! i cannot wait!