Monday, March 3, 2008

Tennis Dresses

Now I have never played tennis,even though I do want
to try it one day. But I am a fan of tennis dresses.
I have been so since one day I read a piece in
Lucky magazine
few years back,lo and behold there were some pretty
tennis dresses.Since then I have been searching for
pretty tennis dresses online,but no such luck.Sure
some stores might have 1 or 2,but thats it.

Now tracking off topic for a mere second,remember
the original movie of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate
Factory? And remember when his mother said "Good
things happen when you least expect them?",well she
was right. Today I was just browsing Google and I
was searching under for "women's apparel" and I
found this on the second page, Tennis-Warehouse.

They have a good selection of tennis apparel,
including tennis dresses! They have all the
brands like Fila,Adidas,Puma and Nike. These
dresses are sexy and perfect for summer/spring.
And no you don't need to play tennis to wear
them,just pair them with espadrialles and a
fun print scarf and you got something perfect
for a date.

Trust me on this one;)

Dress by Fila

Dress by Nike

Dress by Yonex

Dress by Yonex


artfulfrog said...

I dont really care for tennis dresses.