Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lipstick Thats Like Lipgloss.

I like lipstick,but I do prefer lipgloss and lipbalm. Thats only
because my lips get really dry,particularly during the winter.
And I'm not saying that lipstick actually makes my lips dryer,
but it does feel very cake-y when I wear it.

Soooo,I discovered Almay Hydracolor Lipstick,and I was a bit
skeptical. They claim it has 100% more water than most lip colors,I thought water dries out your skin even more. No thats just hot water. But anyway it also has SPF(really good thing),plant extracts,and vitamin E.

No I just tried it today and I like it. It feels somewhat cool. And it doesn't feel or look caked on,it makes my lips feel the way they should,soft. This stuff works. And like gloss it ,leaves a shiny color. I tried the Pink Pearl shade,a pinkish coral shade.
Its more color than gloss but its definitly not an overkill.

This is a must have.

Recommended colors(left to right)-
Dark Skin-Bronzed,Caramel,Nude
Medium Skin-Raisin,Rose,Soft Orchid
Pale Skin-Apricot,Peach,Pink Pearl

Got any lipsticks you like? Leave a comment.

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artfulfrog said...

i'm not big on either