Friday, March 7, 2008

Fashion Friday-Denim Buyers Guide

No matter what goes in and out of style,jeans will always remain
trendy. They may get updated looks from time to time,like lowriders
changed into high wasted styles. Maybe its because they are tried
and true,comfortable,versatile-whatever the reason jeans are a must
for your closet.

You also need to be aware of the different styles,washes and
details, so you'll be well informed when you shop. This is a
guide to teach you all things jean-ology 101. Ahead is a little
dictionary of the terms and a photo with information to buy
the jeans.

Bootcut-These jeans have a slight flare to them,just enough
to come over the boot,hence the bootcut name.

Flare-Similar to bootcut,they have a wider flare for a more retro
look. Inspired by 1970's bell bottoms.

Skinny-These are form fitted to the leg,and taper at the bottom.
Although favored by celebrities and models, this style is unfor-
givingon most.

Straight-Streamline in design,they are more forgiving and are
looser at the bottom of the legs.

Wide Leg-Comfortable,but can be intimidating because they have
a wider silhouetTE.

left to right-Chip and Pepper Stella Boot,7 For All Mankind Super
Flare,Joe's Jeans Trouser Cigarette,True Religion Billy,Catalina
Birkin Wide Leg.

High Rise-Have a higher length and inseam. Fomerly considered
"mom" jeans are now back in style.

Mid Rise-These are perfect for those who don't feel comfortable
with low,but don't like high either.

Low-Rise and Super Low-For those who dare,I will admit,these
are the most flattering jeans. At least in my experience. For
those not comfortable,I recommend a long tunic to wear over
these jean.

left to right-Kass Super High Rise Belted,Tri Colored A Pocket,
Paige Premium Pico Low Rise,Deisel Matic Pants In White

Black-This along with dark is the most dressy denim you can
get away with.

Dark Denim-Dressy,causal,and is a versatile must have for
any jeans collector.

Light Denim-Best as one shade of a lighter blue,but the patchy
white spots are not exactly chic unless you're going for the
painter look or you had a bad bleach job

Medium Denim-Typical denim causal.

Colored-Yes,even denim can be in non-traditional colors than
blue. Best for super casual looks.

White-White denim is perfect for spring and summer,but you
can wear them in winter too.

Left to right-True Religion Bobby Velvet,Monroe 22 Inch
Trouser,Basic Bootcut,Soophia Round pocket trousers,Dagger
Slimboot,Rich and Skinny Vivid

Jeans pictured hear from Revolve Clothing

So print out this guide when shopping for jeans.
And please leave a comment.

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