Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Magic Bronzer

Moisturizers are good,bronze is great and moisturizing bronzers
are terrific! New Clinique's Self Sun Touch of Bronze does all
of that. Its formula is streak-proof that is designed to elminate
embarrassing mistakes that occur with most self-tanners. The best
thing about this product though is that is leaves your skin smooth.
Most bronzers don't do that. Its a bit pricey but definitly worth it.

P.S. you'll still need sunscreen.


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artfulfrog said...

why be ashamed of being white?

Alijah Amarion said...

Cool Product!!

mulvet said...

Due to excessive heat from my suntouch products the upper part of my toe got burnt. I applied the magic bronzer cream the scar vanished in no time.

Mark said...

Very much impressed with suntouch magic towards the burnt. Recently I using the electric floor heat mat which is less affordable and more easy to install.