Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Fashion Shopping Guide

Welcome to Shop In Chic's first ever official shopping
guide. Every season I will post a new shopping guide
to help you sort out what you have,what you need,and
find where to get the essentials. I will cover clothes,
shoes,bags and accessories. This will guide you in every
aspect of style,trends and what looks best on you.

Spring Essential List-
Go through your closet and check to see if you have
some of these items. Check what you have,what condition
they're in and what you don't have. From there on make
a shopping list,go ahead and get a little extra things
you may already have (no one can have to many camisoles).
Remember that this here is just a general list of what
everyone should have regardless of color or style
of the garments.

Long sundresses/Maxi dresses
Tee shirts
Sweatpants/Cotton pants
Capri pants

Spring/Summer 2008 Trends
To give you a better feel of what's out there,I have
compiled this list of the trends. You don't have to
follow these trends if you don't want,but this will
let you know what is out there and what to expect.

Bold Prints/Florals
Bright Colors
Safari Style
Wide Leg Pants

Remember that if you use trends,try and only use one
at a time. The same applies with accessories. Like you
don't want to wear a safari inspired jacket with bright
bangles. You don't want to look like you're trying too

Smart choices-
Wide leg pants with a snug fitting tank.
A colorblock blouse and dark blue jeans.
A bright print dress with black flats.

Spring Accessory List
You may have some of these,but you may not have all of
the accessories mentioned here. Unlike the first list
you don't need everything on this list,but at least one
pair of each of the shoes mention here,and several of
small accessories. Small accessories won't cost as much
as the the others so you can buy cheap stuff and have
fun with it.

Straw tote bag
Solid bright color handbag
Semi-clear/Semi-print plastic tote
White handbag
Plain white tennis shoes
Solid bright pumps
Gladiater sandals
Bright print scarfs
Bright color scarfs

What Works For You
Everyone one is different looks and taste-wise. And while
I don't know what you like,I do know what looks best
on what body type. While almost anyone can wear whats on these
lists,this is just a small guide to what flatters you the most.

Thin Figures
Babydoll tops and dresses,rompers and shortalls,empire
tops and dresses

Curvy Figures
Maxi sundresses,long flowy caftans and tunics,empire tops
and dresses,moderate to low rider jeans

Top Heavy
Kimono tops,flowy caftans and tunics

Bottom Heavy
Maxi sundresses,wide leg jeans and pants,flowy knee length

Tall figures
Maxi sundresses,bermuda shorts,crop pants,belted tops/dresses

Petite figures
Empire dresses and tops,shorts,short skirts,rompers and shortalls

Where To Buy
Now I will leave links to the best websites to find the fashions
you want for spring.

Best Selection Cheap-Target
Best Selection Moderate-Dillards
Best Selection Pricey-Pink Mascara
Best Selection of Jeans-Revolve Clothing
Sexiest Spring Apparel-Body Central
Sexiest Athletic/Lounge Apparel-Bebe Sport
Sexiest Summer Dresses-Victoria's Secret
Choice For Teens-Alloy
Choice For 20 something/30 something-New York and

Choice For 40 something and up-Cold Water Creek
Choice For Shoes-Zappos
Choice For Bags-Nine West
Choice For Accessories-eLuxury

Got any questions,advice or comments please leave a comment.

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really well writting

shopinchic said...

Thanks. I've been wanting to write a blog guide for quite some time.