Friday, March 28, 2008

Sunglasses have been around for a long time,but it was not
until the 1950's the became important in the fashion world,
according to Wikipedia. But sunglasses have been happening
with celebrities for a long time,and for some they become
a trademark,like the large white round shades worn the the
late fashion icon and former first Lady Jackie O. Also the
smaller round shades worn by legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne
(the same type of glasses worn by the late legend John Lennon).

Other than fashion,another purpose for sunglasses is
protectionfrom the sun,UVA and UVB rays. But remember
that not all expensive designer sunglasses have the
mandatory protection you should have. Please check
out Wikipedia for the standards.

Back to the fashion,I have noted some particular styles. I will
list my favorite trends and show you the best sunglasses. Its
all about rimless for a minimalist look,but on the other end
of the spectrum,bold styles are exciting for summer. Aviators
are another of my favorite style for the more sporty chic look.

Check these out.Click on the picture to find out
where to buy.

Nine West

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artfulfrog said...

i highly doubt that most people aspire to be like Ozzy.

shopinchic said...

I know he's no fashion icon,but it
was fun to mention him. But I did
mention Jackie O