Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fall Beauty Is Au Natural

Natural beauty was shining at the Stella McCartney's 2008 Fall fashion show. Valentino's show was similiar,with minimal
make-up and fresh clean chignons tied by ribbons. These looks are less intimidating and easy to acheive,so no doubt this
trend should carry on throughout the fall and into the spring.

Pat McGrath
was the make-up artist at both Valentino and McCartney shows.
At the Valentino show,she used pink powder to highlight their
faces and a light metallic color for their eyes. At the McCartney
show,she mostly just groomed their eyebrows,she hardly used
any make-up at all.

Stella McCartney backstage shots

Valentino backstage shots

Balmain's show took a slightly different approach when it
came to enhancing the models natural beauty. Instead of a
classic chignon,hairstylist Luigi Mureno style their hair
so the natural waves would be enhanced. Makeup artist Tom
Pecheux used chapstick to replace lipcolor,and a little of bronzer,foundation,concealer and mascara.

I am so excited that beauty has taken a cue from mother
nature. With so much emphasis on changing your look
completly,its refreshing to knowthat its still okay
to look like yourself. Plus these looks are tres chic!


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