Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mani-Pedi Beauty Guide

What is sexy without being too sexy? I mean a subdued hot,thats
sexy,right? Of course you can go on full throttle with what that
I am about to discuss,and thats okay. Go ahead those are your
nails anyway.

What am I talking about? Unless you skipped reading the title
you know I am talking about mani-pedis:manicures and pedicures.
This is a full guide that tells you how to get(and give)a perfect
ten. Oops I mean twenty!

The tools
Nail polishes
Top coat
Bottom coat
Nail clippers
Cuticule clippers
Cuticule cream
Nail buffer
Nail files
Nail cleaner
Nail tool case

For Manicures
Hand lotion
Finger separaters

For pedicures
Foot lotion
Foot scrub
Pumice stone

How To
Start with fresh clean tools. Use an antibacterial soap
to clean them,pat them dry with a towel and let them finish
air drying for 15 minutes before using them. Do this after
and keep them in a chic storage case.

Trim your finger nails,and clean then using the cleaner.
Then buff your fingernails in a circular motion until your
nails become shiny. After all that use a nail file,and shape
your nails. Space out your fingers with a finger separator.
Start with a clear bottom coat and let dry. Paint to your
nailpolish starting with a small coat,once that dries add
a second coat. Once all coats of polish is dry add the top
coat to seal inthe color. After all that rub a lotion on
your hands and your mainicure is complete.

To do the pedicure soak your feet in a tub of warm water for
about 10 minutes(rose petals optional). Take them out and scrub
with a foot scrub and pumice stone then rinse your feet off.
Place your feet on a soft surface like a towel. Trim,clean,and
buff your nails. Trim your cuticles with a cuticle clipper and
shapedthem with a nail file. Use separators or tissue paper to
separate your toes,start again with a bottom coat and let dry.
Add a coat of polish to dry then add a second coat of nail polish.
After that dries,finish with a top coat and let dry.
Finish the pedicure with some foot lotion and you're good to go.

Hot Nail Colors
Pale Skintone-Rose and medium pinks
Medium Skintone-Light and deep browns,orange based shades
Dark Skintone-Deep reds and pinks

Day colors-Neutral tones,pinks and browns
Night colors-Deeps reds and burgandies


artfulfrog said...

neat! i like to soak my feet.