Sunday, March 2, 2008

One of the things I love about spring the most is how
everything seems so new and fresh. I mean the colors
are brighter and crisper,the air seems light and new,
and the smells are incredible. When else can you smell
fresh cut grass,the sun beating down on your hair,and
flowers growing everywhere you turn?

This is also the best time to look for fragrance,
particularly if you like fresh fruit-inspired and
floral scents. Here are some new perfumes I deem
worthy of springs arrival.

Island Michael Kors Fiji Spray
This is the newest scent from the line of Michael
Kors Island perfumes,Island Capri and Hawaii.Fresh
and fruity,Fiji was inspired by the waters of Polynesia.
Contains scents of blossoms and Fijian Tiare flowers.

Marc Jacobs Daisy
Feminine and fun,after all you would not expect anything
less from design guru Marc Jacobs. This lovely scent includes
but is not limited to the following notes-gardenia,strawberry,
vanilla and jasmine. PS,I know Daisy is not that new,
but still.

DKNY Delicious Night
This scent is a sexy version of the orignal sweet scent of
DKNY Delicious. True to its name,this includes notes of
purple freesia,crushed ginger,frozen pomelo and even goes
the extra mile of chilled blackberry martini accord.

Ralph Lauren Wild
Resembling Hawaiian Punch,Ralph Lauren's latest sounds
as good as it looks. Notes mix wild strawberries and
watermelon with cherry blossom and sandalwood for a
unbridled experience.

What do you all think of these fragrances and am I
forgetting any scent you favor? Leave me a comment.

All fragrances can be purchased at Sephora.