Monday, May 5, 2008

Books Every Fashionista Needs.

One of my favorite things to do when I am not online,
shopping or whatever my hobbies are,I do read. Like
a lot of blogs I am going to do book reviews,but
instead of fiction,I will list the books that you
need as a reference to look your best. After all
thats what this blog is all about. So here is the
list of books that every single one of you fashionistas
need and why. All these books are available at Amazon.

Dress Your Best:The Complete Guide to Finding
the Style That's Right For Your Body

by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London

You many already know them as co-hosts on TLC's
What Not To Wear,but they did write a book
about what to wear! This book has sections for
women and men(lend it to your boyfriend or husband,
he will thank you!),dividing them into certain body
types and they give you general rules as what to wear.
This book is a general guide and features everyday
people as models,not to mention advice without the
sugarcoating. Its a great book that helps you figure
out what works and will hopefully minimize you apparel
returns to stores.

The Lucky Shopping Manual:Building And Improving
Your Wardrobe Piece By Piece

by Andrea Linnet and Kim France

This is the book for faithful Lucky magazine
readers. Unlike Dress Your Bestthis book goes
by certain items like dresses or pants telling you
what is a must and even has a section on the classics
every woman needs.It also gives advice on where to
shop for certain items,when to splurge and when you
don't have to. Its also kind of like a special edition
of the magazine just for fashion,with "Lucky Girl"
profiles featuring known fashionistas,and tells you
about awesome boutiques all over the USA. This book
is a must have for those who are serious of shopping.

Style A to Zoe:The Art of Fashion,Beauty,and Everything Glamour
by Rachel Zoe and Rose Apodaca

Want to look as good as a celebrity? Famous celebrity
stylist Rachel Zoe wrote this book just for you. She
tells you everything you want to know about celebrity
style including fashion,traveling in style,decorating
and entertaining. She also tells you how to define
your own personal style,and how to incorporate
glamourous celebrities and vintage influences with
flair. She even offers extra advice with the help
of the her friends including Donatella Versace.
You don't need to be a star to live like one.

Just Try It On:A Month-By-Month To Shopping and Style
by Susan Redstone

This is the only guide that gives you a schedule
to when the latest and greatest selections are
available for sale,meaning you can buy summer
apparel when its fresh and not picked over. You
also get the inside scoop on when things start
to go on sale. This book also gives you the insight
that only fashion stylists know,so you won't be
left out on valuable info to make shopping
easier and fun. Not only that,but you'll find
out how to give wonderful gifts,cheap fashion
finds and everything else you wish you knew
but didn't!

The Fashionista Files:Adventures In Four Inch Heels And Faux Pas
by Karen Robinivitz and Melissa De La Cruz

This book is not only a great guide to style
and beauty,but its also a memior of the adventures
of Robinovitz and De La Cruz. Each chapter provides
everything you need and expect to find,but the
authors also recount their stories of the good,
the bad and the ugly that every fashionista
encounters. Imagine reading the diaries/or blogs
of your closest gal pals,thats how good this book
is. If you only get one of these books,get Fashionista
,you won't regret it.

How Not To Look Old:Fast And Effortless Ways to Look
10 Years Younger,10 Pounds Lighter,10 Times Better

Charla Krupp

Because nobody is getting younger,you need advice
that gives you ageless fashion and style. It is a
tell all guide that gives you style,shopping,
fashion and beauty that keeps you younger but
won't leave you looking silly. Krupp gathers
advice from designers,personal stylists,hair
and makeup artists to name a few,giving valuable
information all in one book. This book also
provides lists of must have fashion,beauty
products,and hot salons to visit. Even if you
aren't worried about aging,this book will give
you confidence

TeenPeople Celebrity Style Guide
Editors of TeenPeople

Now,here's a book I recommend for teen readers
(I know you're out there). This books combines
two things almost all teens love,style and stars.
Find out what they wear,how they wear it and
how to dress great for your own body type. They
give you quizzes,lists,and a ton of tips. Find
out where to buy similar fashions without ticking
off your parents by maxing out their card. It
also tells you how to dress for your shape so you
learn what works for you. Even if you're not
a teen girl,but know one,buy this book for her.

Are there any books I forgot to mention? Or maybe you
would like to add a book, leave a message.


artfulfrog said...

I dont know what to say about these books. I do like the one by De La Cruz and that Karen. Good book with some funny laughs.

shopinchic said...

Its pure entertainment mixed in with knowledge. My favorite stories

1-Karen's dream coat that she felt extremly guilty about.

2-Melissa fainting at the Marc Jacob's sale.

3-Karen's eyebrow fiasco

4-Melissa's wedding