Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whar does the word Euphoria mean exactly? Joy,excitment,
and all positive feelings. Like the feeling you get when
your favorite wins American Idol,or when you got your
rebate from the IRS. But those are only seasonal,so what
do you when you run out of excuses to feel happy? Wear
Calvin Klein's Euphoria for her,
featuring lovely notes of amber,orchid,lotus,violet,
fresh green grass,champacce and mahogany.

And if thats not enough,I think is bottle is very cute,
if in kind of a modern space age type thing. And Euphoria
really does live to its name!

What do you think? Leave a response,please.


artfulfrog said...

I think the bottle looks like an eye!

shopinchic said...

I think its rather artsy!