Thursday, May 8, 2008

Have I Found My Ideal Foundation?

I am always willing to try a new or different liquid
makeup,even if I am currently satisfied with one like
Cover Girl foundations. But today I tried the new
Maybelline Mineral Powerwith Micro Minerals foundation in medium pure beige.It was medium number 2.
At first I wasn't so sure but I think we have a winner.

I was a little worried about the color being a bit
too dark simply because I am pale but I do have a
slight tan. But I blended it as I always do,and it
managed to look much better than I thought. If it
didn't have my approval I wouldn't be writing about
it on this blog.

What do I like best about this foundation? Well it
has SPF 18,its naturally breathable and it doens't
clog pores! What's not to like? If you're looking
for a new foundation,foundation with sun protection
or just want to experiement with something good,I
would definitly reccomend this.

Have you tried any new cosmetics you cannot stop
raving? Leave a comment.


artfulfrog said...

i am glad you found one you like. that is imporatant. i always worry about my make-up being too dark.

shopinchic said...

There's nothing wrong with being pale! You are lucky,you look terrific in black clothes!