Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tees With Attitude!

Last week I was talking about Michael Stars tees,and
this week I am talking about Funny Tee Shirts by Crooked Monkey. These stylish vintage tees carry a message,letting you say what ever you want minus your voice. Do you want to ward off weirdos? Do you want to be sarcastic? Maybe you just want to wear something cute? Or maybe you've got a message like about saving Earth or voting this upcoming election? Whatever you want you are sure to find it here.

They got quite a selection of comfy,cotton tees for both
women and men. And they make terrific gifts. You can also
buy Crooked Monkey tees at Kitson,Urban Outfitters,Fred Segal,and more!

Below is a few of my favorite styles,but check out the website for more,Funny Tee Shirts by Crooked Monkey.


artfulfrog said...

I love screened tees. I wear them offen(but you already knew that). Sounds cute.

shopinchic said...

They're stylish and affordable