Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nine Ricci Nina
is a really cute apple shaped bottle,
thats the first thing that caught my attention. Surprisingly
it does smell of apple(thanks to the notes of Red Toffe Apple
and Apple Tree Wood)but it also has variety of fruity smells
interlacing with the apple but it won't make feel you like
you're a walking fruit stand. Its a refreshing and energizing
scent that also includes notes of Calabrese lemon,Cipirhna lime,
Vanilla,Moonflower,Peony and Cotton musk. So free and feminine.

What do you think?


artfulfrog said...

"fruit on a vain
you got your's
and i got mine" seems to be the song they ought to have for an ad for this scent.

shopinchic said...

Don't you mean vine not
vain? Hah!

They are sooooo overrated!