Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can't go(or even don't feel like)going to the dermatologist today?
Or maybe you have a skin issue thats really really bugging
you,and you would like a little help on picking out the product
you want to change your minor/major skin problem.

Check out Kiehl's Personal Consultations for any skin or hair problems you have,and they will pick out the
right products for you. Just fill out the mini quizzes(body,face
and hair)and they will show you a list of their products best
suited for your needs. Its absolutely free to join and you don't
have to buy anything right away,the profile can be saved for
future purchases.You can also edit your profile of neccessary.
It makes shopping for beauty products much easier.


artfulfrog said...

That sounds great. i should check that out.

shopinchic said...

You should. It only makes shopping easier.