Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer Countdown-Hair Removal

Before you read this,just know that I am talking about
hair removal from the body,not the scalp
(sorry Britney Spears!).

Before you even think of getting to the beach,pool or
just going out in shorts,you have got to shave your legs
(and armpits). Maybe you are lucky enough to hardly have
a hair problem or maybe you wear jeans all in the winter
but now that its summer you should shave or at least find
another method of hair removal. There are several methods
of hair removal that I will discuss here:shaving,depilatory,
waxing and do it yourself high tech methods such as No!No.

All methods have good points and bad points. How do you know
which method is for you? Read this guide or try everything
until you find something that works for you. Let's get

Reminder:Most of the stuff you find here you can purchase
at a drugstore or
mass market chain like Target.

Shaving-This is probably the first hair removal method
you learned,and while it works it can be painful and never ending.
There are two types of razors,electric and plastic. Electric gives
a closer shave,doesn't cut and often can be used in and out of
water. Plastic razors come in either disposible or you can buy
a razor and replace the blades,which is often more expensive
than disposible razors. Unfortunatly hair starts to grow back
at least 1 or 2 days after.

In the shower make sure you coat your legs with a shaving gel
(like Skintimate) and then shave in the opposite direction
where your hair grows. When you're done,dry off your legs and
rub on a soothing lotion(like Lubriderm). If you are using an
electric,then you can skip the gel but when you are done go
ahead and smooth on lotion. If you are shaving your armpits
follow the same instructions but skip the lotion.

Women's Remington Shaver

Gillette Venus Divine Women's Razor

Depilatories-Depilatories are creams and foams that
have hair removing chemicals like thioglycolate that work
by removing the keratins that bind the hair,so it becomes
loose and makes if easy to wash off. Nair and Veet are
commonly used depilatories. Its easy to use and the
results last longer than shaving,at least 2 days longer.

Follow the instructions. Remember to do a test before you
use any product to make sure that you don't have an allergic
reaction to the chemical.Usually you just rub the lotion of
foam on skin and wait at least 10 minutes before washing.
If your skin feels a tad tingly,its probably nothing to
worry about,but if you feel more a burn wash it off

Nair Sensitive

Sally Hansen Spray On Shower Off

Waxing-Waxing is painful,but it gives fantastic
results. So if you can deal with the pain and have the
time,then wax away! Waxing works by pulling out the hairs
from below the surface which would explain why results
last longer. You can wax almost anywhere including the
upper lip and bikini line,however if you're not comfortable
with waxing yourself but want the results,then go to a
salon for a professional wax.

Again follow the instructions(I cannot stress this enough!),
and be sure to to a test on the wax kit. Most waxes you heat
up in the microwave,then once heated you can spread on with
a wooden(or plastic) stick,place a paper strip and press good,
then you slowly peel off the strip. Ouch! But look at the strip
and check out the long hairs you just removed. Isn't that worth

Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

Sally Hansen No Heat Gel Wax Strips

High-Tech At Home Method
Do you want electrolosis but don't want to pay the high price?
Do it yourself with an at-home electrolosis,or No!No!. No!No! works with thermal electronic

Do you have any advice or stories you would like to share?

Coming Up Next:Swimwear and Beach Looks


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That wasn't nice about the French.

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