Sunday, May 25, 2008

Delices De Cartier Eau De Parfum

This is a luscious new scent from Cartier.
With notes of iced cherry,violet,jasmine,amber,
freesia it makes for a lively scent for date nights.
But you also got notes of musk,tonka bean,pink pepper,
sandalwood its makes more like sexy oriental you would
want for formal occassions such as weddings or proms.
But who says you have to wear it at night? This also
is a lively day fragrance. Don't be afraid to make
as sexy scent your own personal scent that people
will remember you by.

What do you think of Delices De Cartier Eau De Parfum?


artfulfrog said...

I like the bottle. I find it very pretty. I have no clue what it smells like though, perhaps because it's french maybe it smells like hair?

shopinchic said...

Just out of curiosty,what do you have against french people?