Monday, May 19, 2008

I am very sure you know of Patrick Dempsey(aka McDreamy on
Grey's Anatomy),but have you heard of his wife Jillian
Dempsey? She's a makeup artist and Avon's creative director
who has created a fantastic line of cosmetics for Avon.
Its called Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Collection,and its high quality cosmetics.

She's got three products so far that will be available soon at
Avon:Eyeshadow Trio,Kohl Eyeliner with Smudger,and Lash
Professional Mascara.

This three-in-one eyeshadow kit features one cream
shadow and 2 powder shadows in dark and light browns,
so you can countour and define your eyes.

This is genius because its got two brushes on either
ends,the larger brush is for upper lashes,and a
smaller brush for lower lashes.

This is pencil eyeliner that has a built-in smudger that
makes sexy eyes even sexier.

Also on the Avon store site you can find
Jillian's beauty tips


artfulfrog said...

well well well......should i say what i want to say? or leave it up to you?

shopinchic said...

I think its great that an actual makeup artist created a line for Avon.