Saturday, May 24, 2008

MAC's new Neo Sci-Fi line.

hottest look this summer happens to

Does the new Neo Sci-Fi cosmetics line
feature colors you might have seen in your
brother's old science fiction comic books?
Not exactly,but some of these colors are
prbably not what you would wear to work,
like the eyeliners,nail laquers and perhaps
a few of the lipsticks. If thats the case
save it for night or fun weekends. I think
their colors are a bit daring and fun. Even
the packaging is fun,its bright orange.

Remember that all these colors in this line
are limited edtion,so hurry!

What's all in the line? Lipstick,Lipglass,Eye
Shadow,Plush Lash,Powder Blush,Cremestick Liner,
and Nail Laquer. Check out all the colors above
by clicking on the link.

This lipstick(Electro is the color)is
such like a bright punch just in time for the
summer,which is probably also why its a limited
edition. Other colors include the reddish toned
Sci-Fi-Delity,just peachy Pleasureseeker,
get dow with brown Astral and golded white

Now the Lipglass is much more appropriate for
work or day casual since they are more dark
neutrals. You've got some choices:pinkish
orange-(shown) Pink Grapefruit,toned
down peach Naked Space,brown with bronze
Supreme,plum-ish purple Soft and

A mix of vixen and fairy,these eyeshadows are
a little bit of everything. Show here is a
golden coppery Time and Space,brownish
black Magnetic Fields,golden frost
,pretty pink Expensive Pink,
just plain peachy Evening Aura

Only in two colors,Spaced Out,the glittery
peach shown here,these are probably the funnest
blushes ever. X-Rocks is the other purple
based mauve,but its not scary.

Best for last,the nail lacquer reminds me of Crayola's
markers and crayons. Its got the most vibrant colors of
the whole line. Phosphor is the sunny yellow shown.
Neon 8 orange,Plasma Blue, bright blue(you
heard that right!),and a more neutral shade of cream

What does everyone think?


artfulfrog said...

I think that this sounds horrible. Why would I want to look like a cartoon?

shopinchic said...

Just don't wear everything at once,or if you do limit the brightness with more neutrals.

Grayburn said...

I really can't wait till these get here (in Europe)!


Milehimama said...

You should participate in Mrs. Fussypants Fight the Frump carnival.

She does it every week, here's the one from this week: