Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This is not only Works For Me Wednesday,this is
also my 2nd post on my Summer Countdown.

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Tanning is in,and probably will always be. However as
I said over and over baking out in the sun will do you
no good. Sure it will make you darker,but it will also
put you at risk for diseases and aging which is soooo
not glamourous. The good news is that there are a ton
of products for both your body and face,they can come
in creams,wipes,sprays and a lot more. I hope this will
help you find what is best for you.

Basically there are two types,tanning and bronzing.
Tanning achieves a darker,richer color and usually is
found with other skincare items including sunscreen
(see below). Bronzing is more light,has a tendency to
come in powder forms and is usually found in the cosmetics
aisle. Both often contain SPF which is an added bonus.

How To Tan The Right Way
First off,make sure that you exfoilate in the shower.
Use a loofah and a great body scrub. Shave your legs
and armpits. When you're out towel dry yourself and then
get dressed in dark clothes like a dark tank or tube top
and shorts. Make sure you wear something you can risk
getting stained,because it happens. Have your tanning
lotion and a good hand scrub for when your done. Follow
the directions of the tube or bottle,and blend it in well.
Be careful to distribute it evenly because a lot of tanners
don't show up until two hours after the application. Even
if you use a instant tanning lotion you still want to watch
how you distribute it.

Wait according to the instructions to change into your
clothes. Make sure its dry,and depending on the product
you are using,wait at least 12 to 24 hours to shower. When
you are dry use hand scurb and exfoliate your hands,don't
exfoliant too much as you should leave a little color,at
least in the back of your hands. Your tan should last at
least five days depending on your exfoliant.

Bronzing The Right Way
Depending on the type of your bronzer you are using,
follow the instructions. If it is bronzing powder use it
like you would any powder. Start out with a little powder
or lotion and evenly cover your face. If you're using a
more tanning cream you will most likely follow the same
instructions as above.

Sircuit Soliel-Looking similar to a chocolate dessert this
bronzing cream not only tans,it tightens your skin. Its
perfect for summer.

Loreal Sublime Bronze-True to its name its also very simple to
use. This formula dries fast and is perfect for begginers.

Decleor Aroma Sun-This is truly genius! It hyrdrates,
contains SPF and helps you look tan all in one.

Physicians Formula Les Botaniques Botanical Powder-
It looks kind of like a piece of artwork,but its a great
bronzer for your face because its so easy to use.

ID Bare Minerals Warmth All Over Powder-This powder give a
luminous finish in additon to a natural bronze.

What products and tips do my readers have? Let
me know and respond please.

Coming up next? Hair removal guide


artfulfrog said...

This was good,i still cannot believe how many they have. But i do suppose it's better than baking outside.

shopinchic said...

Its way better than baking outside.

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