Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tomorrow marks a day in history,May 5 1921 was the day
Coco Chanel(born Gabrielle) released her first and
classic fragrance Chanel No 5.

This naturally sweet perfume was actually meant to
smell artificial,she wanted it to be a contrast that
reflected her personality and belief of the French
theory of something ugly placed next to something
lovely would only prove the contrast.

According to Wikipedia,this fragrance is made
up of floral and chemical notes. The first note ylang
ylang,neroli and aldehyde;mid notes of rose and jasmine;
base notes of sandalwood,vetiver and vanilla. Coco used
jasmine notes mainly because she wanted an expensive
Parsian perfume,and indeed it still is.

Since its release in the United States,they fragrance
was represented by many famous glamour icons,including
Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman being
currently featured in the advertising.


artfulfrog said...

it smells real good!

shopinchic said...

I thought I would also share the history since being that today is the 87th anniversary.