Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer Countdown-

Its May,and summer is almost here! Which means a few things,
swimsuits,self tanning,summer beauty and more! I am starting
my summer countdown and throughout the month I will be
featuring the guides to looking and dressing your best. I
will start out today with Sun Safety because you've got to
protect yourself from the sunny skies.

SPF Guide-
Why? Sun exposure causes premature aging and skin cancer.
Protect your skin now.

How? Wear suncreen or lotions with SPF(Sun Protection
Factor) of at least 15,but the higher the better. For more
information check out my previous post. Most sunscreens
come in a cream form,but it can also be found in sprays and
other forms.

Wear a sunscreen everyday even in the winter,just
follow the instructions of the product. Be careful when you
choose one for your face,and whatever you do,try not to get
it in your eyes. If you wear a SPF moisturizer/makeup for
your face,try to find something tinted so you don't layer
too much products on your face and cause breakouts.
If you cannot live without makeup,try
SPF Mineral Makeup

What Works? SPF is everywhere! Sunscreens,lip
balms and moisturizers can all have sun protection,and
now your whole skincare routine can help protect you.

DDF Organic Sunblock SPF 30

This sunscreen is great for those with extra sensitve
skin. And what I really love about this? Its SPF 30!

Bliss Superbalm Lip Conditioner SPF 15

You may not think that your lips need SPF,but if they
are exposed to sun then yes they do. This moisturizes and

Kiehl's Abyssine Cream SPF 23

Who knew that skincare could be sourced from the
abyss? This is! And if you like this you will like the
other products from the abyssine line fro Kiehl's.

Benefit YouRebel SPF 15

This is a genius tinted moisturizer that will carry you from
summer to winter looking uber-glam

Got any SPF tips or products you would like to share?

Coming up soon.....Self Tanning! Stay tuned!


artfulfrog said...

make sure it blocks both types of rays. NOT just spf.

shopinchic said...

You're right and I think I did mention that in my linked post.