Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fall 2008 Fashion Preview

Right now its summer,and its hot! Its time to cool
off,and whats better than checking out what fall
is going to bring stylewise this year? Well for
starters the colors will be rich,I'm talking
warm pumpkin,camel,and burgandy. But the colors
will also very along shades of neutral(like light
pink and creme),but you've got a few vivids(like
yellow,red and fuschia). I don't know about y'all,
but I am loving the balance of shades this
upcoming fall.

As for what are must haves:belted dresses from
BCBG,rocker styled jackets from Betsey Johnson,
pencil skirt suits from Chanel,and green
sweaters from Tracy Reese.

Next month stores will start stocking fall
fashions,shoes and accessories. I will keep
you posted. In the meantime check out the
latest fall styles at


artfulfrog said...

I like the color of pumpkin.

shopinchic said...

Bold and neutrals aren't leaving for awhile,thank goodness.