Monday, June 2, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent:1936-2008

Yesterday the world of fashion has lost a legend,

Yves Saint Laurent
has died at the age of 71
in Paris. Yves helped shape the modern fashion
world and invented daring styles for women,like
the pantsuit and mondrian shift dress. He redefined
style and made Paris France the fashion capitol it
is today.

Even though he retired in 2002, his Rive Gauche
stores still carry his named line.

Farewell to a fashion legend.


artfulfrog said...

It is so sad. I don't think we will ever get such great designers again like him,Dior and Chanel.

shopinchic said...

I know,I cannot really think of any other designer today(except BCBG's Max Azaria)become considered to become a legend.

Grayburn said...

This was such a shock in a way. He certainly left behind big shoes to be filled.

I have always wanted to travel more in the US because there must be a lot of amazing places. Which ones are your favorites?

In the picture I took over Amsterdam, I was flying to Canada. What an exciting trip that was!

take care,

shopinchic said...

Sounds fun. I've been in and through a lot of places,my favorites are
Colorado,Texas,Arizona,and California.