Friday, June 20, 2008

Its almost officially summer(June 21,thats tommorrow!).And OPI is all ready with their Retro Fun In The Sun line. There are six bright,fun shades with clever names that fit not only the line,the shade too. Which is yet another reason I love OPI nail lacquers so much. Anyway back to the nail polish,whic also comes with a retro 2-bead ponytail holder.

Young or old,the shades are wonderful to wear all summer and even into the early fall. Wear Peach-A-Boo on your fingertips and Give Me A Coral Sometime on your toes,be ready for the beach,amusement park or whatever you do this summer. And Calendar Girl pink will be perfect warm summer night dates. Lounge outside on a hammock and admire your Sit Under The Apple Tree light green nails. Give yourself a pedicure to match your bright flip-flops,like Lemonade Stand By Your Man or Sea Ya Later Sailor. No matter what you do,be sure to collect all six of these hot shades,they will complete your summer beauty collection.

You can buy these at Trade Secret Salons


artfulfrog said...

I love those colors! "Look at all the pretty colors"


shopinchic said...

Yeah I expected you to say that;D