Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sephora:The Ultimate
Guide To Makeup,Skin and Hair

by Melissa Shweiger

This book came out in March 2008,but I finally got
it today. I've been wanting this book for awhile
since the first time I saw it with my mom at Barnes
and Noble. Is it worth buying? Oh yeah! Its packed
with everything you wanted to know about looking your
best and then some.

This book is packed with a ton of beauty tricks
and tips,questions and answers,advice from the
experts and a good list of what you should get.
My favorite tips include how to get sexy beach
waves,how to plump up your lips, and how to
contour your cheekbones. They even have a model
make-over showing how they go from usual to glam
to covergirl. You can also learn about beauty
ingredients and beauty predictions for the future.

I just got the book today but I already learned
a lot from it. I really recommend this book for
anyone serious about looking your best.


artfulfrog said...

I'm just glad that you got it, so now maybe you'll shut up about it. ;)