Sunday, June 8, 2008

Anyone who has smelled ginger(and really who hasn't?),knows that it can be a wonderful scent. Origins Ginger Essence is a fun,flirty fragrance with ginger,lemon,lime and bergamot. Its a special fragrance that spicy yet feminine;calming yet energizing,its a bit of everything.

It canonly be a scent thats fresh and tangy at the same time. Because of this I am surprised that there are not a lot of scents that incorporate ginger. Its
available at Origins for $37.


artfulfrog said...

Makes me think of pumpkin pie!

shopinchic said...

Really? Actually it makes me think of ginger ale.

Grayburn said...

I love the smell of ginger. So refreshing & ..awakening! There's one from Lush that has ginger as well.

x Grayburn