Thursday, June 12, 2008

Remember about over a week ago this post,The Great Mineral Search:Clinique Almost Powder SPF 21 ? Well I will say that there is indeed something even better out there,its called Illuminare Liquid Mineral Makeup This is a true liquid makeup,so unlike the powders this is better coverage plus it actually moisturizes. Now I have dry skin so I feel a big difference. Plus its got SPF 21,something I cannot stress enough. Now I have a new favorite!

Now there are three different formulas to choose from:
Fantastic Finish:This is great for people who want a fresh,dewy look as it contains moisturizer.
Extra Coverage:If you want a semi-matte look,this is for you.
It also contains a concealer.
Ultimate Finish:This is a great lasting makeup that stays put
no matter what.You really can't rub it off or sweat it
off(I live in a hot and humid climate so I know)

In five different shades with very clever names.

BTW-This uber-cute Fast Application Pad is another must from Illuminare Cosmetics. Its a reusable pad that makes makeup application feel a bit like a face massage. Its also got a mesh center that,unlike a sponge,doesn't absorb you makeup and trap it.
You can also drop this in your washing machine to easily clean it.


artfulfrog said...

Sounds good. I need SPF100,000,000 though.

shopinchic said...

Maybe you should try a higher SPF.